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Global Account Management


Who:  Sales organisation who need to have a strategy to maintain or win new business

           Account Business Plan (ABP)  is the basic of Enterprise sales strategy.

Benefits: Bringing 28 years of experience in Account Business Plan for Enterprise customer. Bringing long-term, mutually benificial relationship with my experience with strategic customers.

How:  Share and define our view on a successfull Global Account manager strategy.   

           Deep dive to your Global Account organisation, share my experience

Result:  Provide a 3 years Account Business Plan, define the role of the Global Account Manager, define the Account Organisation Model, understand Multiple level of complexity, explain teh GAMday to day job, define the GAM strategy to be successful, define 3 skills of a GAM from experience senior corporate CIO. 


Time:  3 days to define the ABP per account with the all Account team and weekly follow up (1/2 day activites)  the next 2-3 months.


Price:  per day or per half day,   very flexible and depending number of days and locations  

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