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YAKA methodology

Why selling Skills and Good Product are not enough -

             - If you know your enemy and know yourself, your victory will not stand in                                     doubt .   - Sun Tzu

Know this about yourself: There is only one reason professional salespeople lose order.

  •  Competitive selling is not a matter of selling harder.. it is a discipline involving the  development of insight and knowing what to do with it.

  •  Competitive sales people do not ignore the customary aspects of selling.


YAKA methodology will have 3 parts:

Part I : Initial approach to sales opportunity, getting to the inside track of your                                 customer organisations political structure   -> finding the FOX

Part II: looking at sales situation through a windows opportunity, accurately                                     understanding the terrain, and basing a sales approach on one of four type of                   strategy  (direct, indirect, divisional, containment) 

Part III: governing the competitive process, knowing when it make sense to compete,                      Determining early in time what it will take to win.

              Established per opportunity : strategy - Action- Resources

              Established F2F relationship map

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